May 22

The Goyard (high Iliad) style tour

Fu Bao street from Paris to Shanghai Yifeng · Waitanyuan

Born in 1853, the French family luggage manufacturer Goyard, accompanied by generations dreamer shuttle time, explore the world. Long journey, travelers never stop, Goyard Shop Online following after Paris, London, New York and other landmarks in the world of classic dream engraved footprint, Goyard finally crossed the ocean and came to Shanghai, and writing French travel experience.

In 1853, Franois Goyard family name to create a Goyard brand, has since become non-art manufacturing bags engraved classic. From the late nineteenth century to date, Goyard bags home work has been much international celebrities and Paris elites alike.
Goyard House (Maison Goyard), since its inception the brand has been located in Paris fubao Avenue (Saint-Honor) 233. Its site was the French Revolution Payon convent school, after centuries of trials and hardships, still retains a 19th-century style: thick walls, carving exquisite mahogany furniture, leather upholstery complicated details, and textured brass decoration. Despite Time flies, inside this 200 sq m two-century-old store has always original, showing the history of the Goyard family of coagulation calm and courage.

May 2012, Goyard stationed in China Shanghai Yifeng · Bund, shops with a total area of ​​110 square meters, the exhibition of handbags, luggage, suitcases and other large exquisite accessories. Using mahogany furniture store layout, and the use of leather and classic brass decorated in the details. Goyard store carefully to create a warm and elegant atmosphere, precious wood and leather, rare antique trunk, like a treasure box of glass counters, each design element are trying to restore fubao Avenue headquarters of style, to be honored annals connotation polished appearance and timeless Goyard flagship piece.

In addition to the same strain in the design concept, the Shanghai Yifeng · Waitanyuan stores worldwide as well as the implementation of the unified international brand philosophy – counters. In addition to handbags, luggage, large suitcases and small pieces of enduring popular accessories, Goyard also brings Goyard you handicrafts ingenuity, and can be carried out in accordance with the customer’s individual requirements tailored to provide features customized services.

May 22

Goyard (high Iliad) fine picnic boxes and tea boxes

“Picnic (Picnic)” is derived from the French word for “pique-nique”, the French word was first created in the 13th century, meaning “peck.” Picnic originally French elites Goyard Shop Online in hunting trips or loved one simple activity until the 17th century was really popular. Richard Lord Chesterfield, who is said to be the pastoral pleasures nobility into the UK, he had in the palace of Louis XV as a gourmet picnic describe the convergence between the gorgeous ceremony and a group of dignitaries generous overhead Communication.

Goyard Since its founding in 1853, has become a passionate supporter of the French art of living content. Throughout the 19th century, in the success of François and Edmond Goyard lead, we developed a series of innovative hand-Square and elegant single product, are committed to embody the wild dining pleasure. Early 20th century, the prosperity and development of the car further strengthen this tradition loved by others.

As a combination of its craftsmen to produce superb artistry and timeless charm and stylish transport tribute, Goyard very pleased to participate in the Chantilly Art and Talent Competition (Concours Chantilly Art & Elegance), this event aims to revive past Talent Competition ( Elegance Contests). Competition held at Chateau de Chantilly, during the show and several of the world’s most rare and beautiful models, and Goyard most fascinating picnic will be awarded special prizes.

Goyard consistently maintained this tradition continued vitality of the picnic, while continuing to introduce new creative to enrich it, such as a picnic basket, tea and coffee containers, silverware, porcelain and glassware boxes, etc., all of which are based on strict standards all hand made.
Goyard tea boxes, red brick and gray tiles will bring a strong Chinese style tea culture to traditional and inclusive Europe, China tea has always been the preferred drink of the Goyard aristocracy, its complex brewing process is put into a small suitcase , to create it can be described as painstaking craftsman.
Outdoor dining outings transition from one life into an art content, it’s fun to get together between not only reflected his family or friends happy, it is a pursuit of value has further pursuit of a better life.

May 22

Goya (Goyard) flagship store in Hong Kong

Following the opening of the earlier Rei Kawakubo (Rei Kawakubo) the main reason COMME des GARCONS Central flagship store, the focus should fall this week, with more than Goyard Shop Online 150 years in the history of the French brand Goya (Goyard) who, as it’s located on the Peninsula The first flagship store in Hong Kong, April 12 officially debut, and the new Special Limited Edition Metallic shades handbags will sync now accepting reservations.

Stepped into the brand’s flagship store in Hong Kong, you will be filled with old French shop attracted by the atmosphere of the facade, it is learned interior design of this flagship store, loyal to the essence of Paris Zongtan, if visited Paris headquarters, this will certainly shop fitting exceptionally familiar. Brand Hong Kong public relations said, this store is the world’s thirteenth brand specialty stores and distribution points, by the French designer David Thomas to be modeled on the Paris head office, store decor sober, dark mahogany mainly with white The walls and printed on the Y word trademark patterned carpets, elegant come and reveal their own personality and style. Frankly speaking, the area’s 600-square-foot store is indeed a bit small, but as the first store in Hong Kong area, excluding the early counters opened at Harvey Nichols, it touches a good start, you should be able to temporarily satisfy the expectations of a public brand awaited fans.
The new limited edition for immediate booking
As a fan of you, be aware of the brand new limited edition goods if launched, will be arranged at designated stores for limited edition and offers distinguished Made-to-order book service. To celebrate the opening of the Hong Kong flagship store, the brand will launch a special silver versions of the Beluga MM and Croisiere 35, and definitely since April 12 reservations. Which, Croisiere Metallic shades of 35 most attractive, rarely come with color and moderate size, relative to the St. Louis PM model is more compact, the most suitable for petite Asian women.
In addition, fans of the brand to bring another good news, but also designed specifically for Hong Kong’s Goyard small gift shop, the customer upon purchase of a specified amount in the new store will receive a free limited edition Shop Opening Edition Bracelet, if we look carefully, you will find This belt engraved inside the opening day of the new store data, and valuable for collection
Brand to classic luggage started as early advocate Travel Heavy era, its trunk has become expansive choice royalty and celebrities. To the number of fans of the brand, the Duke of Russia’s Far noble birth, the Windsors and painting Picasso; nearly a fashion Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld, former chief designer of Dior Homme Hedi Slimane, the French actress Catherine Deneuve and Juno singer Madonna. In recent years, the brand’s international celebrity handbags widely embraced, especially with a variety of sizes St. Martin’s most prominent family, all because of its lightweight and easy to carry, and high practicality, coupled with a variety of colors, from the very Summer feeling orange, shiny bright yellow, as well as minimalist classic black white and so have to absorb a wide spectrum of ages. White and yellow body bags coupled with orange stripes of the most pleasing, minimalist come infiltration on lively colors. Like classic, mandatory blue and black, all white but the brand and therefore the basic colors, tremendous and historic.